Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing?

We all know how important a role Marketing plays in the day to day business. There has been a shift in the marketing style and strategy from traditional marketing to digital marketing. 

Videos are one of the highly efficient digital content in the form of ads since traditional systems. But many marketers still do not include video in their digital marketing strategy plan or are not able to use its full potential. According to the study, it shows 92% of the marketers in 2020 believe video campaigning plays a vital role and there has been an increase since 2015.

From creating, editing to promoting videos, it requires potential cost and resources in it which creates a doubt in the minds of marketers. Still many of the marketers agree that investing in video marketing is worth it. Here are the reasons why one should invest and use video for campaigns. 

  1. Videos are appealing.
  2. Videos help to build trust easily.
  3. Videos help to boost conversions and sales.
  4. Videos create social and emotional connection with humans.
  5. Videos have a long impact on the human mind.
  6. Any concept can be explained easily with good scripted video content.
  7. Google algorithm loves videos
  8. Humans love videos.
  9. Well created videos engage even the uninterested buyers.
  10. Videos help to generate more Return on Investment.

With videos marketers has the ability to be flexible and offer more information to the customers. Videos can be made interesting by adding features like good music, nicely articulated script, entertaining visuals.

Big companies like Zoom, Slack,Hubspot have nailed their product and services with video testimonials.We know since COVID-19 pandemic the use of Zoom has increased incredibly. Zoom was the easiest solution where one can see each other clearly and helped to continue business in a standard way. Everyone found their videoconferencing partner in such a painful situation. 

We all love ‘behind the scenes’ videos, don’t we?

Many major brands ask their customer’s review in the form of video testimonials. Such testimonials give opportunity to the customers to convey more effectively. Dropbox created a series of stories and combined them into one single video where their potential customers shared their happy stories.

Today videos have dominated not only the marketing field but human life too. From morning till night all the digital platforms we use have videos, whether it is entertaining videos, viral videos, DIY videos, product videos, reels videos, live videos, tutorial videos, travel videos, explainer videos, motivational videos, behind the scenes videos.

All the media platforms from Youtube,Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp have videos as one of the highest consumed and loved content. The engagement ration is the highest and is increasing incredibly. According to the marketers, the return on investment on videos is positive and is ever influencing its sales, leads, audience understanding and the most important factor it creates excitement in the minds of customers to see the content. Both customers and marketers think videos make it easy for the viewers to understand the service more efficiently through explainer videos.

The current video marketers are very much confident and plan to increase the spend on video marketing.

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