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Simple Tips and Tricks to make Videos look Professional

As a beginner one is always concerned whether his or her videos are good to upload or not, whether the effects, editing is done properly or it requires more enhancement,is there and many more. More professional video you make, the more it benefits you and your brand. Obviously it requires regular practice and learning to make it look professional.

So to make it easy and hassle free for all the beginners, I have created a list of simple tips and checklists to process it smoothly.

  1. Use the phone in the correct way: If you are using a phone for creating video then use the camera of the phone. It helps to create better quality, higher resolution and more features to use within the app.
  2. Clean and good background, lighting and Audio : Make sure you record video with a solid colored environment. Messy and distracting background surely makes it look unprofessional. A wall or backdrop paper are the best option, avoid areas with reflective surfaces in the background while avoid shaky footage.
  3. Good Lighting and Clear Audio: Sun is the best source of light, so try to utilize the best part of the day with smooth light. It accelerates the quality of video and helps to avoid unnecessary editing. Audio quality plays a vital role. Invest in good audio equipment that performs well and has long life. Fuzzy, cluttered noise can make anyone hit the back button within a few seconds of playing videos.
  4. Stable and Focus: Use a tripod or alternative equipment to hold the camera still and create stable video. Keep the focus point properly set while stabilizing the camera and a
  5. Mode of recording: Try to record in Landscape mode, so that orientation is proper in all modes of devices whether it is laptop, mobile, tablet or TV.
  6. Add a grid: Use grid feature on your phone that allows you to overlay a grid on your screen. It helps to avoid tilted footage. While learning it is good practice to adhere and use the grid. Once you have gained experience, understanding naturally gets better and does not require you to stick to the rule always.
  7. Experiment with different angles: Experiment to shoot at different angles. This is a very useful tip while making product video, how-to-video or any other type of video that shows you are doing something else too rather than only talking. It a pro thing to create a shift at least by 45 degrees and change the perspective.
  8.  Plan videos in advance: Planning can create a drastic difference in quality videos. It is a good practice to plan the videos from defining its purpose, script, preparing storyboard, setting target audience so as to keep the video crisp and clear.
  9. Learn simple and basic editing: Few things you should always follow while editing videos:
  • Adjust the lighting if required.
  • Add good music or background sound.
  • Cut silences, pauses and background noise.
  • Create a smooth transition while jumping from one scene to another.
  1. Improve camera presence: This is something you can learn with practice, no one is born with confidence to face camera
  • Have open, calm and relaxed body language.
  • Keep a natural smile, avoid crossed arms, tilted and awkward body postures.
  • Speak clearly and in the proper tone. 
  • Practice regularly, watch your own footage and identify the areas of improvement and work on it. 
  1. Invest in good editing softwares: Tips to keep in mind while choosing video editor software
  • Ability to add filters and overlays.
  • Feature to add text to videos.
  • Feature to change aspect ratio
  • Option to trim and crop videos.
  • Smooth scene transition.
  • Feature to add sound effects.
  1. Promote your videos: After creating, editing videos, it is important to promote your videos.
  • Upload videos on the correct platform with the proper target audience.
  • SEO optimized thumbnails, description, keywords, tagging to get more views.
  • Proper orientation and formats for different devices and social media platforms.
  • Greet, interact and thank viewers for taking out time to watch videos.
  • Actively and regularly upload positive videos.
  • Try to interact and build a healthy relationship with the viewers so that they are more likely to come back and see your other new videos.

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