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Digital Deepak Internship Program Review


Lately we have been hearing a lot  about Digital Marketing and how it has occupied the market and minds of people in all industries. Today, all the businesses are going digital and also it has opened a lot of opportunities for the people who want to pursue a career in this area.

There are a lot of courses, trainings available in the market and online to learn Digital Marketing. But all the learnings will be of no use unless one implements it practically. This is the reason because of which I have chosen the Digital Deepak Internship program and there are many interested people who have asked about my experience. So I have decided to write a review in detail.

I will cover every aspect topic wise and help you to get overall agenda, scope, opportunities and benefits of enrolling in this program.


1. Introduction to Digital Deepak Internship Program

2. Course structure of Internship

3. Eligibility to join Internship program

4. Conclusion

Introduction to Digital Deepak Internship Program

Digital Deepak internship program is curated by Deepak Kanakaraju (a.k.a. Digital Deepak), He is one of the well known digital marketing experts in India He wears many hats of a digital marketing consultant, speaker, author, trainer and blogger.

The internship program is a blend of online training and internship with a unique concept of cashback.

  1. Firstly you need to pay a certain amount to Digital Deepak to enroll for this internship which is refundable.
  2. Once registration is confirmed you will get access to a learning platform having videos of course materials.
  3. Every week a new video will be released based on a new topic, along with an explanation video on how to do the assignment with the assignment worksheet.
  4. There is a Q & A session to clear the doubts and queries of the interns which will help interns to complete the assignment successfully.
  5. Once the properly completed assignment is submitted, it will get approved and the intern is eligible for that specific week’s cashback.
  6. On completing all week’s learnings and assignment a certificate will be granted.
  7. The top interns will get an Internship Excellence Award that is framed and delivered to their home by Digital Deepak team.

Course structure of Internship

Internship is a 12 week program as of batch 10, which may change in future batches. Once 12 weeks are completed, there is a 4 bonus weeks schedule focusing on advanced Digital marketing topics.

Courses: Courses material is explained by Deepak himself in the form of recorded videos which are uploaded on LMS

Assignment: There is a separate assignment explanation video with detailed guidance by Deepak himself again on how to do the assignment.

Q&A: There is a Q&A session by Digital Deepak teams which helps to clear doubts/queries/questions of interns.

Technical Support Team: There is a dedicated support team to help interns in case of any technical issues.

Telegram group: All the interns of the specific same batch are requested to join a telegram group where they will get regular updates of courses, assignments and help other interns. This group also helps all interns in networking, learning, sharing and growing together.

  • Week 1 (Success Mindset) – To start with any task in life everybody needs a positive mindset. So to pursue Digital Marketing every intern should have a mindset willing to learn and be successful.There are two tasks given in this week. One was to write about 2.0 of yourself where one wants to see himself or herself in the next 4-5 years and what all goals in life should be set.Second was an online personality test which helps to know more about one’s personality traits.
  • Week 2 (Law of Marketing) – This week was an introduction to marketing, traditional vs digital marketing, benefits, scope of digital marketing and how everything is integrated. This week there was a task to write an article on what we have learned about marketing and its various concepts as explained in video and publish it on an online platform.
  • Week 3 (Discovering your profitable niche) – This week was focused on how to discover your own niche skillfully. To help with this Deepak shared an interesting formula which helps one to get some clarity on factors like interest, talent, passion and market demand. This week will help interns to discover and choose a niche after overall analysis of the factors mentioned and its impact on the niche.
  • Week 4 (Creating your WordPress blog) – This week is a first milestone towards building your own asset called website or personal blog. It helps us to know the importance and benefits of  having a personal website which is far more important than having a resume for a Digital Marketer. All the technical setup from selecting domain, hosting provider and how to design our WordPress was explained thoroughly with tips.
  • Week 5 (Becoming the King of Content) – This week was focused on content, types of content, content creation, content platform, it’s importance and benefits. The most challenging part was to create our own content and publish it online which helps to come out of the comfort zone. Also, helps ones to improve writing skills and increases confidence to express oneself. Assignment was to create video content on any topic based on our niche. This helped me to create my own Youtube channel.
  • Week 6 (Social Media and Networking Mastery) – Week 6 helped to explore various aspects of social media and network mastery by building one’s own tribe who may be our future customers. Assignment was to conduct a zoom meeting on our niche or any topic which one is willing to talk on and share knowledge with at least 3 participants.
  • Week 7 (Lead Generation) – This week the assignment was to generate B2B, B2C leads, lead magnets. Explored email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Convertkit for landing pages and broadcasting emails.
  • Week 8 (Mastering Facebook Ads) – This week was focused on how to create facebook ads, conversion ads, custom audience, facebook pixel and how to use them to create traffic.
  • Week 9 (Mastering Google Ads) – This week’s assignment was on paid advertising on Google.Learned how to create and setup Google Ads account and created different types of campaign like Search, Display and Video campaign.
  • Week 10 (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO) – In this week we learned about SEO and keywords. Assignment was to write an SEO optimized blog having targeted keywords of more than 1000 words on any topic. For example I have written SEO optimized articles on ‘Digital Deepak Internship program review’ having keywords like ‘Digital Deepak’, ‘Internship review’.
  • Week 11 (Deep Marketing Automation) – This week was based on the automation process of generating leads in a personalized style using tools like Typeform,ConvertKit, Zapier, and Instamojo. Main focus was to create personal bonding with each lead and deliver messages through emails using conditional content tags.
  • Week 12 (The Natural Sales Method) –The last week was focused on Selling skills which every marketer should possess. It was quite interesting to make sales in real sense. Assignment was to make sales calls to our potential buyers through calendly to book our service or buy product. This week helped us to learn how to communicate and influence the warm leads and convert them into buyers to generate sales.

After completing the 12 weeks program there were below four bonus weeks.

Bonus week 1: Personal Branding;

Bonus week 2: Digital freelancing;

Bonus week 3: Affiliate marketing;

Bonus week 4: Digital mentoring.

Eligibility to join Internship program

Students: Students who are pursuing college can learn this skill set and can plan a career in this field. This is a lot of scope and opportunities in the market for this skillset.

Working Professionals: This skill can be an advantage in your current skill set and can even switch to a Digital marketing role.

Business owners: Business owners who are willing to take their business online, acquire customers digitally, generate sales, increase revenue can take up this internship. Also, allows them to take their business presence beyond limited boundaries.

Entrepreneurs: For entrepreneurs it is very much needed to be updated with the market trends and stay relevant. This program will definitely help them to expand the horizons of their presence and business online.


This article is based purely on my experience and learnings at Digital Deepak Internship program.

This program is for those who are willing to implement it practically and see results. The best part is cashback which creates pressure and excitement at the same time to take action and complete assignments. The feeling of receiving cashback is quite rewarding and creates a natural enthusiasm to learn and get going with the internship with a positive approach. I can assure you this program is one of its unique kind of programs one can ever pursue. 

If you interested to learn Digital Marketing skills as a career or take your offline business to online enroll for Digital Deepak Internship program.

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