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An Honest Amazon Affiliate Review

We all know how Affiliate Marketing is booming. It is one of the clever ways to generate profits. However, in the market there are a lot of affiliate networks to choose from.which will help to get sales and commission. 

This blog is about my personal experience with the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon affiliates allowed me to promote a broad category of products across a wide range of niche and my favorite.

As Amazon has a bigger share of the market across the world, it helps to build profits easily comparatively.


Most of us buy a wide range of products from Amazon.

Amazon is a user-friendly site which helps to create and display carousels, promotional banners, and widgets for the products recommended by me.

However, it requires serious efforts to encourage visitors to visit my blog and click on promotional links. For this, one needs to build trust and help them with valuable content, benefit, features and review for the recommended product.

Here is an official page to join Amazon Affiliate program.

Steps to beginners to start with Amazon affiliate or any affiliate program:

  1. Planning and creating a roadmap-One can start blogging, create a specific review website or review videos on YouTube or any social platform which allows you to promote a product for that matter- Choose a keyword rich-URL that gives an idea about the site. You will need a webhost for your site. You can choose a ready-made template if you are using WordPress. Customize your site according to the niche.
  2. Research about the products– One the site is ready and a niche is selected, search the products that matched your niche and do research on it. For example if you choose ‘iPhone’ you will get more than a million results. All the listed products will have a  ‘Get Link’ button. Amazon will help you to create a unique affiliate link for every specific product.
  3. Write honest reviews– Provide a detailed truthful review of the product you are recommending, be honest and write your personal experience such that the visitor can relate. The review should help the visitor to make an easy decision to buy the product. It should create more awareness, desire to buy the product and ultimately convince them to click on the promotional link. One can hire a freelance writer to create a keyword based rich review to make your journey easy. 
  4. Generate Affiliate links– Once a product is shortlisted, generate affiliate links. Create banner ads and add them to the top or button or side-bar of the post. You can generate individual product links or use automatically created widgets to promote your products. 
  5. Link affiliate links to content-Insert your unique affiliate link to the content such that it should show up as a clickable text.
  6. Add clickable product images– Every visitor will like to see how the product looks. Hence, include clickable product images such that it has embedded affiliate links in it. Good product images always attract the people to click and get more information about the product.
  1.  Increase the product reviews– Once you start generating good sales and commission, start reviewing and promoting more products. Amazon increases the commission rate as one sales number goes up. 

Tips- One can take help from freelance writers for quality content. One should not always focus on high priced products. Though there is nothing wrong in desiring for high commission. But one should always focus on quantity sales and earn more commission.

It is comparatively easier to sell cheaper products and frequently used products rather than expensive products. 


As a beginner you can take guidance from experts, tutorials and books to learn and implement your affiliate network. I would recommend a few books which helped me to build my affiliate commission from scratch to super affiliate. These books have a complete blueprint to get started. I’m sure this will help to get started and build confidence and commission.

My top picks:

  1. The 2021 Beginner’s Affiliate Marketing Blueprint: How to Get Started For Free And Earn Your First $10,000 In Commissions Fast!

2. Learn and Earn From Digital Marketing: Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, E-Learning, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

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