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5 Reasons why Videos is the ultimate Marketing solution

In this era of Digital and pandemic we have to find new ways to bridge the physical gap with our customers yet be able to connect with them personally.

Videos are one of the best ways to communicate, engage and create fantastic virtual workspace to share the message across any business line.

There are various reasons why videos are the ultimate, wonderful and powerful solution.

  1. Humanize through face to face communication:

Undoubtedly no digital innovation can replace humans completely and human expressions. Videos help to send personalized messages, signs, empathy where one can see, feel the expressions and connect easily. The expressions hold more weightage than text or message or email. Videos though require more efforts to create, edit but it is easy to share, publish and promote on various platforms.solution

 It naturally creates human touch and lasting impact in the minds and hearts of viewers.

  1. Capture and deliver more content efficiently:

Writing and covering all aspects in the form of text is quite messy and complicated and yet delivers the message efficiently. No matter how much you try to gather every nuance, something will still lack. Here videos come to the rescue to deliver the full content with clarity. It is easy to customize and capture the content completely according to the multiple platforms requirement. You can create reel video, youtube video, demo video, presentation video or animation video according to the requirement efficiently.

  1. Effective and faster way to communicate on the point:

Many times it becomes difficult to encapsulate the message in text form. In such cases speech is faster and more effective than text. Sometimes due to time limitation it becomes difficult to type long text. In such circumstances also, videos are easier, quicker and more efficient to explain and share the thoughts. The retention rate of videos is marginally very high compared to overall text  messages. Also, we know how easy it is to miss the information in long stretches and be boring, but videos can make it interesting by sticking to the point and yet engaging.

  1. Capture constructive attention:

Videos not only help to bridge the physical gap but also helps to grab the attention. Many times we are lost in tons of emails and texts, but if video is present in the email or blog the chances of getting constructive attention is drastically and potentially more. Technically the open rate and the click through is very much higher than the plain text message. This helps to create a positive impact and engagement with the viewers but also to get personalized feedback and reaction. The tailored videos give more genuine opportunities to connect and scale the conversions.

  1. Creates collaboration and culture across diverse environment:

We often encounter time boundation, time zone issues, overlap issues, location constraints. Here in person videos can provide solutions to all the problems at once and benefit in a tremendous way. It becomes so necessary and important to have healthy collaboration within teams and business. The team can connect easily face to face within a fraction of seconds and remember the face, personality, tone which creates a sense of positive culture in the work environment. Video messages are asynchronous which potentially reduces many restrictions which surely one wants to avoid. Videos are more appealing and stand out in the viewer’s eye.

The pandemic has taught all of us the importance of communication. Whether it’s business and clients, boss and employees, teachers and students, children and parents, patients and doctors. Surely digital channels and communication through videos, conferences have helped to sail through these tough times.

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